6 Jewelry Trends That Are Surging for 2022 | Who What Wear

2021-12-29 06:14:12 By : Mr. Jason Zhou

As we head into the new year, it's time to talk about al the things that will be popular amongst the fashion scene for the year ahead. Today's topic: jewelry trends. Jewelry items tend to last longer than clothing since they can be worn more often than your clothes, but certain styles still tend to reign in popularity more than others. It's been a minute since designers previewed their Spring/Summer 2022 collections, so I decided to give myself (and you) a refresh on the jewelry items that came down the runways. From Prada arm cuffs to Paco Rabanne body chains, there were a lot of unique jewelry items that acted as the perfect touch to each model's look.

After sifting through what seemed like thousands of images, I gathered 6 reoccurring trends from this past fashion month that I know will peak your interest. If I have to summarize the overall theme for the jewelry of the next season, it's pieces that make a statement. Whether it's a belly chain or an arm cuff, there's a lot more options than just your average earring or necklace in the new year.

Instead of your average bracelets, bicep bands were spotted quite a bit on the runways. Prada's styling choice was a personal favorite of mine layered over a sweater. 

The hoop earrings that came down the runways were larger than life—but the hoop shape trickled on to the necklaces this season too.

Here at WWW we talked about belly chains in the summer, and they're only getting bigger. Jewelry isn't just for the ears, hands, and wrists anymore.

The holiday season always brings dramatic earrings into the market, but the runways predict that the trend is only going to grow in 2022.

Gold jewelry is a staple for the fashion set, but the chain link was many designers' choice of style. 

Did you think the Y2K trend was going anymore? While it may not be as vivid or bright as it was when it first started trending, many brands have brought the aesthetic and brought it to more refined pieces.

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