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2021-11-03 05:52:05 By : Ms. Diana Wang

Daily Mail staff

When a woman in her 70s was out for a walk with her husband in Palo Alto, several strangers stopped in the car to talk to them. When they drove away, the woman realized that her necklace was missing.

The police have nothing to do, except for a picture of the suspect's car driving on Saturday afternoon (see above) by a home surveillance camera.

According to the police, this is how it happened. At around 4 pm on Saturday, the victim and her husband were walking in the 700 block of East Meadow Drive when a car drove to a stop.

There was a male driver, a female in the passenger seat, and a 10-year-old child in the back seat.

The female suspect spoke to the victim in a language she thought might be Urdu. Urdu is the official language of Pakistan, an Indian language that is closely related to Hindi but written in Persian script. It has many loan words from Persian and Arabic.

The male suspect used a heavy accent to talk to her husband, which distracted her husband. The suspect stayed in their car all the time.

The female suspect provided the victim with a gold necklace and put it on the victim’s neck, apparently given to her.

The victim could not understand what the female suspect said to her during the interaction.

Less than two minutes later, the vehicle drove west along East Meadow Drive to Middlefield Road. The victim then realized that the suspect had stolen the two gold necklaces from her neck while wearing the other one.

The victim described the suspect as a woman in her 50s with a scarf around her head and a face mask. The victim said that the suspect’s skin was “darker” and may be of Middle Eastern or Romanian descent. Neither the victim nor her husband could describe the male driver. The victims described their vehicle as an older silver car.

Officials searched nearby houses for any surveillance cameras and found one that captured the suspicious vehicle on tape.

Anyone with information about this incident can contact the police at (650) 329-2413. Anonymous tips can be sent via email to, or via SMS or voice mail to (650) 383-8984.

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