"Dancing Dad" captures the Internet with his son's cancer-free dance clips

2021-11-03 06:10:44 By : Ms. Marisa Shen

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Kennith Allen Thomas-also known as "Dancing Dad"-has taken the Internet by storm with his daily father-son duo videos. 

In the current viral video titled "When Your Son Has No Cancer"-more than 400,000 views-Thomas and his son Christian defeated leukemia in November 2018, and they can be seen dancing outside the home to match Lan velvet, jeans and a smile spread from ear to ear. 

At first, someone saw Thomas disrupt a movement when he put Christian on his hip. After a while, Christian joined in, and the two danced side by side. 

When Christian was diagnosed with leukemia in June 2018, Thomas, the father of four, said that when Christian received the first round of chemotherapy, his family’s world completely changed from daily blood tests to more than one consecutive hospitalization. moon. 

At the time, Thomas had to restrict his operations at the Level Dance Complex, a dance studio in New Jersey, so that he and his wife Joselyne could take care of Kristian and their three other children. 

However, his dance never stopped. 

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Every day, Thomas dances with Kristian-even during his long time in the hospital-in order to create a positive mood for his family. These dancing videos were subsequently posted on his social media. 

"I used all the strategies and tools I learned as a dancer and choreographer to set the tone for my family, doctors and team," Thomas told Fox News. 

He is determined to create a "positive atmosphere" for them. 

Thomas and his family are preparing for a long-term battle with cancer. He recalled that he thought it would take "300 days to possibly as long as two years or something similar," he said. 

However, their stories are different. 

After 149 days, Christian was declared cancer-free. 

According to Thomas, the doctors were at a loss. 

"I guess you would call it a miracle," he said. "But I believe that was because we did our father-son dance routine." 

However, Thomas realized that he was not only helping his family. Soon, social media users noticed that daily videos went viral on the Internet. 

"One thing that is very, very powerful is that we are helping many people in the same situation or in other situations who are fighting with their own affairs," he said. 

These videos remind us, "When we change our minds, we will change the rules of the game," he said. 

Although Christian did not have cancer and Thomas retired from dance teaching twenty years later, father-son dance continued. 

"Every month we do a father-son dance... to celebrate another month without cancer," he said.

November will be Kristian's 36th month to get rid of cancer.