Dare to be different: try new men's fashion necklaces

2021-11-03 05:53:15 By : Ms. Summer Wen

You are finally used to wearing headscarves, scarves and necklaces, and now the designer throws a curve ball at you: men's collars. Yes, if you ever wanted to guide heroes from 90s TV shows, such as "One Tree Hill", "Dawson's Creek", "My So-Called Life", or dress like a member of a boy band, you are lucky.

Apart from the fact that fashion designers have been pushing this trend, what can we say? Maybe they draw inspiration from Prince, Elvis, Lenny Kravitz, David Bowie, *NYSNC and other rock stars who wear necklaces for men on stage. As early as the 60s and 70s, many people wore chokers. Then, like wide lapels and flared pants, they slowly disappeared.

The choker necklace is a necklace that can be placed at the bottom of the neck or worn around the neck. The average length of a choker is about 18 inches. However, if you want that kind of necklace effect, but the 18-inch chain may be too short or too uncomfortable, you can increase the size to a 20-inch necklace to get a similar effect. If this is too uncomfortable, try a larger size until the necklace is in the position you want. The picture below shows a model wearing a 20-inch necklace from French fashion brand Lazoschmidl.

The revival of men's necklaces began with a small trend from the end of 2016 to the beginning of 2017. After large chain necklaces became popular in the 80s and 90s, they began to fade out of people's sight. Chokers were revived by the "Jersey Coast" staff in the early days. Their large and long chain links are part of the decoration and part of their role. This style is not as popular as it used to be, now 20-inch men's necklaces can be seen everywhere.

However, you know fashion...a designer cannot remain indifferent. In the 2016 and 2017 menswear shows, common suspects, namely Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Hood by Air, etc., all displayed men’s necklaces to decorate their clothing. Since then, men's collars have been quietly popular. By the beginning of the spring men's show in '22, male models from brands such as Burberry, Loewe, Prada, MSGM and Lazoschmidl all wore men's necklaces.

Singer Shawn Mendes (Shawn Mendes) has been sporting necklaces and collars. If you are looking for a quick visual operation method, please follow his guidance, because his style is natural, not dramatic. One thing that needs to be mentioned when talking about men's collars is that one of the top materials used is pearls. Now, we know what you are thinking, man’s pearl? Hey, in the Elizabethan era, when he got dressed, no competent nobleman would forget his pearls. We are looking at you, Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, Sir Walter Raleigh, and Robert Devereux, Essex.

Pearl was once considered very masculine. One reason why pearls are mentioned so suddenly now is not only because TikTokers keeps throwing them away, but also director Lee Daniels ("Steward", "Precious") wearing a lot of pearls to meet the party in 2021.

Other bold men who wear necklaces for men include Lil Nas X, Harry Styles, A$AP Rocky, Timothée Chalamet, Polo G. and Bad Bunny (who has heavily influenced the trend of pearl necklaces). Some of these celebrities (and ordinary people) layer their necklaces with longer necklaces to create a layered look. Some male stars wear tailor-made suits at formal events; however, instead of a traditional tie, they wear a necklace on the outside of a buttoned shirt, or open it with the necklace as the center.

There are many styles, from barely obvious links to thick Lucite to eye-catching rhinestones. The trick to wearing necklaces for men is to find a necklace that suits your style and is comfortable to wear. You can draw fashion inspiration from Timothée Chalamet at any time and put on a hoodie, chain and necklace. If you like outdoor activities, please choose fine leather or artificial leather short necklace style necklace. If you are a minimalist, try a necklace made with links. Fashion frontier? If you just like to play lewks? Play with layered necklaces, pearls, and anything that catches your eye.

Unless you work in a traditional field such as law, insurance, or banking, chances are you can wear a necklace to work. You will find a list of necklaces below for you to add to your accessories library.

Drawing inspiration from high-end design, SHEIN's layered pearl necklace can be used as a much more expensive thing. If you want to try this trend as much as you want, the popular styles and excellent price tags make buying a breeze. This necklace is 20.5 inches long.

Purchase: SHEIN imitation pearl beaded layered necklace $3.00

It's hard to say which came first; the pukka choker necklace or the surfer? The two are so intertwined that when people think of the image of a surfer, they are undoubtedly wearing a pukka necklace. On the contrary, once you see a puka or pukka necklace (both spellings are correct), you can't help but think of surfboards. This is a puzzle that we will never be able to solve. However, we can wear this cool necklace all year round. You can buy this necklace in sizes ranging from 18 to 24 inches.

Buy: BlueRica Smooth Puka Shell Heishi Necklace $9.95

Are you looking for a stylish, independent jewelry? NardinaArtDesign's necklace is a slender leather cord with a silver tube in the middle. It has 18 inches, but it can be customized to a larger size.

Purchase: NardinArtDesign leather cord necklace $29.00

For those who believe that "flash is good" and there is no such thing as "less is more". This is the men's collar of your dreams-the price won't surprise you. This 17.5-inch necklace is decorated with sparkling gems and looks like Mystic Fire Topazes. If you really want to show it off, match it with a black button-down dress shirt.

Buy: SHEIN Men's Rhinestone Decorative Necklace $15.00

Best for showing off pearls

Urban Outfitters's necklace is the latest style of men's pearl necklace. There are tiny mushroom spacers between the artificial pearls. Try matching patterned T-shirts and cardigans on weekends. This necklace is 19 inches long.

Purchase: Urban Outfitters Mushroom Pearl Necklace $20.00

Many high-end men’s pearl necklaces have a half-pearl and half-chain necklace. This men's necklace may be a cousin of the one worn by Bad Bunny. The pearls come from the Rio River, are handmade in Portugal, and come in various sizes.

Purchase: DeloronJewelry pearl necklace and steel chain $31.77

As mentioned earlier, there are many designers who make necklaces for men. Prices range from dizzying to "oh my goodness, are they serious" and so on. We like the Marcelo Burlon County collar in Milan because it is reasonably priced and can be matched with all kinds of shirts and sweaters. Designer Marcelo Burlon designed a 19-inch bronze necklace using a classic curb chain. Hanging from the middle is a stylized cross.

Purchase: Marcelo Burlon bronze cross necklace $130.00

Everyone likes the golden look, it suits all skin tones. However, the price of real gold can be steep. One of the reasons we chose this necklace from Ashley Gold is that it is gold-plated on stainless steel. This means that it looks like the real thing and is as strong as gold, or even stronger. In addition, it will not change color. The classic rope link will never go out of style.

Purchase: Ashley Gold S.Steel gold-plated chain $50.00

Nautica is a manufacturer of classic American sportswear and has a jewelry collection. This unisex choker is light and breathable, and looks like a real product. Its size ranges from 16 inches to 30 inches, and you can choose the width of the necklace you want. 1 mm is very thin, you can increase it to 3 mm if you want.

Buy: Nautica Figaro gold-plated chain necklace $32.99

This men's necklace by Reclaimed Vintage does look like an inspiration from the 60s or 70s. The hollow silver chain is broken by an artificial stone pendant in the center. The necklace can be adjusted in size.

Buy: Reclaimed Vintage Inspired Chain Necklace$16.00

This men's choker, handmade in New Hampshire, can be personalized and may be the perfect gift for the approaching gifting season. Most importantly, it has a magnetic buckle, which is very easy to put on and take off.

Purchase: KegMinimalist Leather Magnetic Necklace $24.99

Most likely to be mistaken for handmade

Polite World in Los Angeles is an ecologically conscious brand that produces goods in small batches. Utilize ethical factories, whose works use sustainable and upgradable recycled materials. In other words, this beaded necklace has a very hippy vibe. Although it is an excellent men's choker, and it is rich in colors, it can match many things, but it does look a bit like winning the "Best Craft Project Award" at the sleepaway camp.

Purchase: Polite World Multi-Bead Necklace $329.00

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