Gifts less than $100 for family and friends over 50

2021-12-13 05:03:41 By : Mr. michael Lu

The holidays are in full swing, if you haven't already, now is the time to shop.

From jewelry to technology and everything in between, you can provide a variety of gifts for your family and friends 50 and older. Take a look at some of the options below.

For jewelry lovers, there is a handmade sterling silver necklace with their name engraved on it. Or the name of their child or grandson.

The pendant is decorated with Swarovski pearls and can be customized with three names. It has an 18-inch chain.

Buy it on Amazon for $48.99.

Help your active hunter or fisherman stay warm in winter while keeping hobbies. The 100% nylon jacket has a zipper closure. The battery can last up to 10 hours under low heat.

Buy from Amazon, starting at $69.99.

Don't let unstable Wi-Fi hinder a good connection. Give your friend a Wi-Fi range extender, which can make seamless video calls on FaceTime, Skype and other devices. The device occupies 1,000 square feet and can accommodate 15 devices.

Buy it on Amazon for $28.14.

This indoor garden is easy to use and very suitable for novices and gardeners.

It comes with a gourmet vanilla set. There is enough space to grow up to 6 herbs, and all herbs can reach a height of 1 foot at a time. It grows in water-no soil, no chaos.

Buy it on Amazon for $89.99 and save nearly 40%.

For those who like to entertain, this cooked food board will have many uses. It adopts a washable and durable design and is a multi-purpose tray. It provides four stainless steel cheese knives and two ceramic cups for dipping sauce. It also includes a drawer for storing utensils.

Buy it on Amazon for $59.99.

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