Kourtney Kardashian Wears Travis Barker Initial Necklaces in Photos

2021-12-27 01:57:17 By : Ms. Chris Lee

Matt Baron/Shutterstock; Inset courtesy of Kourtney Kardashian

Diamonds really are a girl’s best friend! Kourtney Kardashian‘s stylist Dani Michelle knows how deeply in love her client is with her fiancé, Travis Barker, and wanted to make sure she had a way to always keep him close, thanks to blingy initial necklaces.

Kourt shared her stunning Christmas gift from Dani via her Instagram Stories. It featured a lower case “t” for Travis, with angled edges and diamonds set inside the letter and hanging from a linked silver chain. To change things up, the second necklace featured a lower case “b” for Barker in the same angled style but done in a shiny silver finish.

The Poosh founder showed off the thoughtful gifts from the woman who keeps her looking so fashionable all year round in a Instagram Story, where she had laid out the jewelry on a countertop. Kourtney tagged Dani and wrote “OMG,” also adding a heart emoji to show her appreciation for the stunning Christmas presents.

In her next Story, Kourtney showed off how much she loved the initial necklaces, modeling them in a mirror selfie. She wore a white bathrobe slightly open in the front to show how the “t” sat close against her neck, while the “b” was just below it on her chest. The chains were the perfect length for Travis’ initials to sit atop each other.

Their first Christmas together as an engaged couple has made Kourtney and Travis feel extra romantic towards each other. The initial necklaces are the perfect way for the reality star to keep Travis extra close to her heart as the couple attend parties and other family events, including Kourt’s mom Kris Jenner‘s epic annual Christmas Eve A-list bash.

Travis shared how Kourtney showered him with the sweetest personal gift that was the ultimate in homemade affection. In a December 22 Instagram Story, he showed how Kourt drew hearts all over lined notebook paper like one would use in school, as if she was slipping him a love note in class.

Inside of one, she wrote his first and last name in her intricate handwriting, with “I love you my baby” underneath it. The brunette beauty then drew another large heart underneath and penned her full name, “Kourtney Mary Kardashian,” with plenty of flourish in the lettering. She also added, “Forever and ever,” inside a forest of hand-drawn hearts. With such a simple gift touching Travis’ heart, we can’t wait to see how she tops herself when Christmas itself rolls around.

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