Otherland Launches Beach Club Collection 2022 - Where to Buy Otherland Beach-Scented Candles

2022-05-21 11:02:17 By : Mr. GAVIN DAI

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Lighting a candle that smells like island coconut and gardenia petal, don't text.

I'm a biiiig candle fan. Like, I request them as gifts for every special occasion, and I almost always have one lit when I'm having a little self-care night. They just make everything feel so cozy, you know? And they add a certain level of elevated ambiance to even a regular day.

Anyway, not to wax poetic (get it??) for too long! Safe to say I'm v excited about this new candle line that just launched from Otherland. Your apartment can have all the tropical vibes this summer, thanks to the new Beach Club Collection from the Insta-famous candle brand, Otherland.

The Beach Club Collection includes three new scents—Melonspell, Nectar Pop, and Coco Blossom—plus three existing Otherland candles: Stone Fruit, Freshwater Pearl, and the cult-favorite Matchpoint.

The Otherland's Beach Club candles are made with a signature coconut and soy wax blend and have a crazy-long 55-hour burn time. Plus, after you've gone through your candle, you can use the *gorgeous* jar for decoration or as a place to store small items like eyeshadow brushes. We love a multi-use product!

All these candles are available from Otherland's website, so grab them before they inevitably sell out. While each candle costs $36, if you're truly committed to the beach life, you can bundle and save. Get a three-pack for $89 ($108 value) or buy all six candles for $160 ($216 value)!

Here's where you can shop the Beach Club Collection from Otherland.

The Beach Club Collection includes three scents that are brand spankin' new this year. First up is Melonspell, which brings all the fresh vibes with ruby watermelon, cucumber dew, and palo santo.

Another new scent, this one smells like the beachy cocktail of my dreams. It brings together golden mango, coconut cream, and chili salt. Yummmmm.

The third new scent that Otherland created for the Beach Club line is Coco Blossom. This candle not only *sounds* tropical, it smells like it too, thanks to notes of island coconut, gardenia petal, and warm amber!

Otherland's Beach Club Collection also includes a restock of the cult-fave Matchpoint candle. It smells like tennis balls, cut grass, and cucumber for a scent that's both nostalgic and refreshing. One enthusiastic reviewer wrote, "This is one of the best scents ever. Smells good even when you aren't burning it. Such a unique smell and the description explains it perfectly."

The brand's Stone Fruit candle—which smells like beach plum, peach skin, and brown sugar—is also available as part of the collection. Um, sounds amazing!

Rounding out the collection is the Freshwater Pearl Candle, which smells like sea crystal, saltwater, and crushed shells, so you can live your best mermaid life from the comfort of your home.