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2021-11-03 05:52:59 By : Ms. Joy Yang

The New York Times described the Atlanta jewelry store as "the ne plus Ultra of contemporary hip-hop luxury goods," and it may not be surprising that business is thriving in the cold Cuban chain. However, it is said that it originated from decades of historical style in the early 1970s, when hip-hop pioneers such as DJ Kool Herc popularized the appearance of thick gold chains, and it is undergoing a revival, far beyond the boundaries of the world. City music scene. Most of them are driven by men.

The Cuban chain is known for its thick, round, flat links (similar but not exactly the same as the curb links). The name is made up, but all indications are that Miami jewelers helped people notice This style is the hero accessory of this season. Usually presented in gold, modern styles include silver, platinum, and even black ceramics, with a lot of diamonds, a few gems, or no gems at all.

Whether it's the form of a bracelet, necklace or ring—smaller, more subtle links, or a large and eye-catching version—the Cuban chain is a declaration. For anyone looking for instant street credibility, this is an advanced and masculine choice.

Here are seven new Cuban chain styles that bring a 21st century atmosphere to this year-round favorite.

Above: Cuban chain necklace in 14k white gold weighing 19.87 carats. Two diamonds, US$51,900; Twila True fine jewelry and watches

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