What is Drake's obsession with emoji, pray to tell?

2021-11-03 05:53:37 By : Ms. Candy Shen

Drake announced his latest luxury purchase, which is a bit unusual.

The "Hotline Bling" rapper shared in his Instagram story a luxury chain of emojis inlaid with gems.

It includes a series of emojis, such as broken hearts, bandaged hearts, flowers, skulls, money bags, eyes, owls, and more emojis composed of color-coordinated gems (such as rubies and sapphires).

One emoji on the chain that caused a series of reactions is eggplant.

Although to some people, emojis represent only literal food, they have been used online to refer to male genitalia.

A Twitter user wrote: "The emoji that the guy got the eggplant is Drake, even a real person." [Original]

Another added: “Drake really woke up one day and said,'Yes, let me provide my chain store with cold eggplant emojis.'”

The guy got the eggplant emoji is Drake or even a real person https://t.co/xzD2QXkl8Q

It was made by NYC Luxury. He shared the process of making the chain on Instagram and wrote in the caption: "@champagnepapi Thank you for trusting us. This project is not easy, but I think we have killed it." [original]

A post shared by NYCLUXURY™ (@nycluxury)

Another prominent emoji beside the eggplant is pregnant women.

Drake's latest album Certified Lover Boy was released by Damien Hirst and contains 12 pregnant emojis of different skin tones.

At the time of release, many people speculated that the cover art was a reference to Drake's own masculinity, although many songs explored the 35-year-old son's relationship with his son Adonis, and his feelings about his fatherhood.

The album also declined nine months after its original release in January 2021, and finally went on sale on Labor Day, which further promoted his idea of ​​being a parent for the new album.

I don't know what the cost of this chain is, but it seems that Drake has reason to celebrate, because the certified love boy once again boarded the Billboard 200 album chart.

This is his fifth consecutive week in the position.

A post shared by Elliot Eliantte (@eliantte)

Drake also celebrated his birthday last week and received more expensive jewelry.

Rapper and collaborator Young Thug commissioned the jeweler Elliot Eliantte to make a diamond-encrusted Cuban chain with an OVO-Drake brand-logo pendant on it, and pictures of him and Adonis on the other side.

The lock of the chain even has "Adonis" spelled out in yellow stone. He also received an owl pendant from Jas Prince, believed to be one of the first to spot the artist when he released music on MySpace, as well as the Rolls-Royce Phantom that he once loaned from Future.

Drake had previously admitted to renting this luxury car and driving it around to convince people that he would succeed one day.

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