Teen mother Jenelle Evans was torn up for not including the names of her husband David Eason's children Maryssa and Kaden on the necklace

2021-11-03 05:52:45 By : Mr. Vanko Poon

TEEN Mom fans slammed Jenelle Evans because her necklace did not include the name of her husband, David Eason's child.

The 29-year-old recently showed off the jewelry she owns, with the names of her biological children engraved on them, but no stepchildren.

Jenelle showed the fans that she is now wearing a gold necklace with the names of her three children engraved in cursive script.

The former teenage mom 2 star has a 12-year-old son Jace with former Andrew Lewis, and a 7-year-old son Caesar with former Nathan Griffith.

She also has a four-year-old daughter Ensley and her husband David, and he has a previous relationship between Marissa and Carden.

Fans slammed Janelle for only including her biological children and not her stepchildren.

An angry Redditer said: "I guess Maryssa and Kaden don't count. 👀"

Another upset fan wrote: "This makes me very annoyed.

"If you don't want to treat them like your own children, please don't marry anyone with children, FFS."

The third person commented sarcastically: "Jenelle showed off her necklace with the names of'all' children on it.

"I find it very interesting. She yelled at David's'War of Guardianship' against Carden, but he did not appear on the necklace. 

"Neither is her stepdaughter Marissa. She actually lives with them."

This happened after Jenelle came under fire for something similar earlier this year.

In a video about their family, she refused to mention her husband's son Kaden.

The 29-year-old said frankly that David "accepted" her previous relationship because he had a daughter, Marisa, but she did not talk about his son.

Jenelle shared a TikTok video and answered a fan’s “curiosity question”, asking David if he ever commented on her or reconsidered dating her after discovering that she was already a child.

Although she has two children from previous relationships, so does David, even though he lost custody of his son when Carden was a baby.

Even so, fans criticized Janelle for not even mentioning him in her new video, only mentioning the girl.

"When I met David, he already had a daughter, Maryssa, who was 8 years old," the TV personality told her fans. 

She continued: "He really accepted me to have children because he has his own children. So, he was like,'Let us become a happy big family.'"

At the end of the video, Jenelle turned to David and asked, "Is it, baby?" He confirmed, "Si, baby."

Angry fans pointed out in the comments: "He also has a son?"

Many people asked the same question. One wrote: "How is his son?" Another said, "Why do you always exclude his son?"

Earlier this year, David received strong opposition for sharing a cartoon of his family wearing the Superman Secret Service without his son Carden.

This photo includes David, Janelle and their children Marissa, Jace, Caesar and Ensley.

Fans quickly noticed the absent child because they criticized his father's negligence in the comments.

"Is there a child missing, or am I confused?" One asked sarcastically, and the other replied, "Yes...I feel sorry for that little boy. How do you exclude a child from everything." "

The father of three children captioned the photo: "Power Family."

Of all the children they merged, Jenelle recently shared that they "have Ensley, Kaiser, and Maryssa full-time jobs."

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